Auckland CBD Dwellers

The Metropolis

Auckland’s CBD is different from any other place in Auckland or in New Zealand. It is the most vibrant part of our country, and is truly an international city.  When you think of people who live in apartments in a city centre such as Auckland you might think young, hip, always on their phone, rushing around, business people. Thing are fast paced and just walking down the street... Read More

Apartments: Legal Talk


Sometimes it can be a bit hard to understand all the documentation surrounding buying an apartment.  All that legal speak can be confusing and time consuming to figure out.  What does this stuff mean: stratum estate, unit title, common property, body corporate, unit entitlement? ‘Unit Title’ is commonly used to describe the of ownership of an apartment however it isn’t... Read More

Unit Titles: Consider This


Provided here is a checklist of questions you should ask and matters that you should consider if you are contemplating the purchase of an Auckland City Apartment.  Some of these issues may seem simple enough but you would be surprised how often these sorts of matters are missed or ‘glossed over’ during the purchase negotiations and Purchaser’s later deeply regret... Read More

Leasehold Essentials


LEASEHOLD ESSENTIALS Leasehold is a form of property tenure where one party buys the right to occupy land or a building for a given length of time. When looking for a new property using the internet or an estate agent, the word leasehold is likely to appear often in property searches. Many buyers don’t understand what a leasehold is, how it works or the rights it gives and the... Read More

Tips For Small Spaces

yacht at Auckland harbor

Think you need more square footage? Check out these tips for making the most of what you have and you just might change your mind. ENLIST ROOMS FOR DOUBLE DUTY Estimate how often you use each room in your home for its intended purpose, and turn the room that gets the least love into a multifunctional space. MAKE THE MOST OF ‘FORGOTTEN SPACES’ If there’s a wasted... Read More